Cool Swim Meeting

The schedule

Cool Swim Meeting will take place from 14 to 16 June 2024. The competitions will be split this year too into four sessions.

Session 1 (Friday 14th June): 50 m freestyle, 100 m breaststroke, 200 m butterfly, 50 m backstroke, 400 m freestyle

Session 2 (Saturday 15th June): 200 m freestyle, 50 m butterfly, 400 m medley, 4x50 m medley

Session 3 (Saturday 15th June): 200 m backstroke, 50 m breaststroke, 1500 m freestyle, 100 m freestyle

Session 4 (Sunday 16th June): 200 m breaststroke, 100 m backstroke, 100 m butterfly, 200 m medley, 800 m freestyle, 4x50 m freestyle

The fast series will be held at the end of each raceday.


Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of Cool Swim Meeting takes place poolside after Friday's fast series.


Skin Race

At the end of the opening ceremony, there will be a Skin Race with prize money. The 10 fastest time in the 50 m free classification will qualify for the race. The last two finishers in each heat are eliminated, and the competition continues until the final between the two remaining swimmers. The prizes are €300 for the first place, €200 for the second and €100 for the third.

Il programma
The athletes
The guest stars

The Cool Swim Meeting attracts some of the strongest Italian and international swimmers to Merano every year. Over the years, several Olympic and World Champions have performed in the pool at the Lido di Merano. Among them are Gregorio Paltrinieri, Gabriele Detti, Thomas Ceccon, Ilaria Bianchi and Laura Letrari.

The records

Discover the best performances in history at the Cool Swim Meeting.

The location
The Lido di Merano

The Cool Swim Meeting takes place in the beautiful setting of the Lido di Merano. The facility, which dates back to 1930, is owned by the municipality of Merano and managed by Meranarena Srl. The Olympic-size pool, built in 2014, was designed to be one of the fastest pools in the world and is a flagship for the whole of South Tyrol.

Cool Swim Meeting over the years

The Cool Swim Meeting project, strongly desired by two historically rival associations, the A.S. Merano Nuoto and the S.C. Meran Schwimmen, is now in its 8th edition in 2024!

It was in fact 2016 when a swimming competition, destined to grow over the years, was inaugurated in the beautiful setting of the Merano Lido.

The presence of many blue swimming talents gave the event additional lustre, as did the entire city of Merano, which was able to seize this great opportunity. 


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