Green Event

Towards an eco-sustainable future

GreenEvents are events whose planning, organisation and implementation are carried out according to sustainable criteria.
The cornerstones are the use of environmentally friendly products, energy efficiency, waste management, promotion of local products and social responsibility. These aims are in line with the long-term climate strategy presented by the South Tyrolean provincial government, which has set itself the goal of reducing annual CO2 emissions per capita to below 4 tonnes by 2020 and to below 1.5 tonnes by 2050.
To obtain the GreenEvent award, organisers must apply criteria on resources, waste, mobility, catering, energy.
This year the Cool Swim Meeting succeeded in obtaining the prestigious GreenEvent certification by adopting environmentally and socially sustainable criteria. We are committed to using resources in a sustainable way, reducing waste production, and acting in an environmentally, health and socially friendly manner, because ‘less is more’.
This is why we ask for the cooperation of all our guests, because together we can dive into an ever greener world.



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