Organizing club: Cool Swim Meeting Organizing Committee

Admission: FIN — FINA — LEN members

Days: Friday 16th, Saturday 17th, Sunday 18st June 2023

Location: Lido di Merano, 38 Via Lido, 39012 Merano

Pool: 50x25 m, 10 lanes, water temperature 27,5° C, depth 1,40-2,00 m

Electronic timing. One start rule.

Age groups: 

Female Age groups Male
2010-2009 Youth 1 2009-2008-2007
2008-2007 Youth 2 2006-2005
2010 and older Open 2009 and older

Admitted races for each athlete: 6.

Relays: there will be just the “open” ranking – Each team is allowed to enter 1 relay per stroke (4 relays overall: 4x50 free M, 4x50 free W, 4x50 medley M, 4x50 medley W). Entry fee: 7,50 € for individual races — 12,00 € for relays.

Scores: following points will be assigned according to the age-group results: 9 points for the 1st, 7 points for the 2nd, 6 points for the 3rd, 5 points for the 4th, 4 points for the 5th, 3 points for the 6th, 2 points for the 7th, 1 point for the 8th. Double points for the relays (open results: 18 points for the 1st, 14 points for the 2nd, 12 points for the 3rd, etc…).

Individual award: a medal for 1st, 2nd and 3rd from each male and female age group.

Club award: the club which achieves the highest score will receive the Cool Swim Meeting Trophy.

Entries: Italian clubs: through the website International clubs: follow the procedure on

Entry times must be referred to 50 m pool. 

Entry deadline: Friday 2th June 2023.

The Cool Swim Meeting Organizing Committee is not responsible in any way for any accidents before, during, and after the competition and throughout the organization of the manifestation in general. It may be possible that the time- table schedule of the meeting will change due to force majeure. Anyway, The Cool Swim Meeting Organizing Committee will inform the club’s representative in time.

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