The athletes

Our guest stars

Cool Swim Meeting attracts some of the world's best swimmers to Merano every year. This edition, too, will be no different!

Nicolò Martinenghi

CC Aniene

For all of us, he is Tete! Nicolò Martinenghi, Olympic bronze medallist in Tokyo in the 100 breaststroke and the 4x100 mixed relay. Always full of smiles and sympathy, he is certainly one of the most representative athletes of our national team on the international scene. Coached by Marco Pedoja, Nicolò is characterised by an incredible competitive spirit and for having no qualms in the face of fatigue. Following an injury, which tested him and strengthened him at the same time, he made his sporting ascent by running, without looking back and proving to everyone that dreams can come true. A champion in and out of the water, he is one of the athletes who best represents the ARENA brand, a partner of Federnuoto. Speed is definitely in his blood, but every now and then he also thrills us with a few 200 breaststrokes.

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